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Lumber Takeoff

A lumber takeoff is a critical component to any material estimate. To much lumber can inflate your project costs unnecessarily and to little lumber can lead to delays on the jobsite. Our lumber estimates are all inclusive for our customers as they include all framing material and hardware required to complete the project. The lumber takeoffs we provide are accurate and easy to understand so that the customer can see the cost analysis clearly on their construction material lists.

Door Takeoff

Using our estimating services provides door takeoffs that include type, size, height, and swing as shown per plan. We pay attention to all of these details as they affect the customers bottom line, therefore, it is important that we estimate them accurately in the material list. Information like type, size, height, and swing should always be verified with the contractor or home owner before ordering.

Window Takeoff

Window takeoffs are just another example of how detailed and accurate our construction materials lists really are. Much like door takeoffs our window takeoffs include type, width, height, and slide/vent as shown per plan. Again, it is crtical that this information be verified with the contractor or home owner before ordering. Doing so will allow for highly accurate and cost effective material lists.

Siding Takeoff

Our estimating services are second to none when it comes to detail and accuracy. With top notch estimating experience we are able to provide siding estimates that include all siding, corner boards, trim, house wrap and flashing required to complete the project. This detail allows the customer to visualize where money is going in their project by being able to see the product in a construction material list.

Layout and Details

We go the extra mile with our estimating services when we offer wall framing, wall layouts, floor joist (dimensional and I-Joist), ceiling joist, and roof rafter layouts. All of these are documented to be effective tools for contractors, project managers, and framers. These layouts provide detailed information on precisely where materials are required, which eliminates the guess work on where materials are to be applied. Layouts and details are available upon request and are subject to an additional charge.

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