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CMG Estimating Services is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the construction estimating field. Our goal is to provide an accurate materials estimate that will help to visualize the overall construction cost of a project, and do so within a reasonable time period. Using our premiere estimating services we strive to provide the highest quality customer service possible whether your project is residential construction or commercial construction. Through one-on-one service with our clients, we are able to deliver an accurate and well structured construction materials list for your project.

Material takeoffs are much more than just a materials list. Construction material lists are your best tool for controlling costs and optimizing construction methods in order to be more competitive. Because of this we focus on the details to make sure you get an accurate list of construction materials that will help you manage your project effectively and efficiently.

Sample Estimates

  • CMG Estimating - Roofing Layout
  • CMG Estimating - Floor Layout
  • CMG Estimating - Wall Layout
  • CMG Estimating - Sample Estimate

What CMG Estimating Does

CMG Estimating Services has several steps that it takes prior to creating a finalized materials list. One of the primary steps is reviewing and identifying material items and different construction criteria. Through this review process, we are able to check for potential plan errors, specification discrepancies, and dimension or sizing issues can be analyzed. In addition, any potential problems are analyzed and documented within the material takeoff so that they can be resolved prior to construction beginning or building materials being shipped.

Our mission is to provide quality construction material estimates at reasonable prices for our customers.

We focus on quantifying every aspect of a project, utilizing an assembly based estimating software. The benefit of this program is the detail that has been taken in building our database and the formulas associated with it to provide the most accurate count of materials possible on the final construction materials list. All materials are listed in respective assemblies (foundation, floor and wall framing) for ease of understanding where materials are to be utilized.

In addition to material takeoffs, we also provide estimating services for floor, wall, and roof layouts. We focus on utilizing specific features within our estimates which are unsurpassed by others in the construction estimating field. It is our absolute goal to create an estimate which is detailed, accurate, and above all usable.

Our vision is to be the best construction estimating company, and to offer the best customer service and final product to our customers.

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